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an authentic expression of Glenn Clark's Camps Farthest Out vision

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Come to CFO for the life-changing retreat that has been bringing an experience of the Kingdom of God to people like you and me for 75 years!

"The Camps Farthest Out are dedicated to the purpose of discovering the wholeness of that abundant life which Christ promised, that life which is our rightful heritage whenever we dedicate our body, mind, and soul completely to God through play, work, and worship. We invite our campers to enter the kindergarten of creativity and discover all the joyous opportunities for normal spiritual expression… the highest art of life is a living prayer."
-- Glenn Clark

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2014 Camp Dates: July 26, 2014 - August 2, 2014

2014 Speakers

Ellen Stamps

Ellen was born in Rotterdam, Holland in 1940. Her early life was deeply impacted by World War II. When she was introduced to Corrie Ten Boom, what followed was a decade of travels, sharing the glory of the gospel and light that comes from forgiveness. Corrie is known for her book, The Hiding Place, which depicts the Ten Boom family's story of successfully hiding Jewish people in their home in occupied Holland during the war. Ellen and her husband Bob have served a number of United Methodist churches. Ellen also worked as a nurse. In Minneapolis, MN during the 1980s she worked in one of the premier clinics dedicated to the health of people living with HIV and AIDS. After 30 years in the ministry, the Stamps retired to Richmond, VA. They have two children, Peter and Johanna.

Alex McCullough

Bishop Alex served in the Westchester Diocese of the Evangelical Apostolic Church of North America for 34 years. In 2010 he became the Spiritual Director of the Oratory of the Little Way in Gaylordsville, Conn. His prayer counseling there follows a simple pattern: listen, love and pray. Alex is Director emeritus of North America for the International Order of St. Luke the Physician. His healing ministry has taken him to four continents. For more than 60 years, Alex has been a professional musician (sax, clarinet, flute). He has played with top name bands, small jazz groups, vocalists, symphony orchestras, opera stars, chamber ensembles, and concert bands. He taught public school band and orchestra for 26 years. Alex has been a speaking leader in CFO for more than 30 years. His teachings are profoundly simple and simply profound. Alex believes Christians need to express their joy, and this expressed joy gives significant aid to healing. His sense of humor is ever present. Alex and his wife Alice have three children and seven grandchildren.



"…The Camps Farthest Out are the unformalized, silent, creeping leaven that is needed to revitalize a dying civilization." -- Charlotte M. Clough quoting Starr Daily, from the preface to The Way of Holy Affection

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